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'Looks like it's a live podcast'



Cruisepodcast In honor of Thursday's "live" podcast featuring calls from our fans, I ask you this question: Is there any movie in the 80s that takes place more on the phone than 1983's "Risky Business?"

Not that I sit around, taking notes about which movies involve scenes with phones and which one's don't. Well, not until today. I mean, it's no "All the President's Men," but think about it.

  • Miles calls Jackie for Joel: "My daddy used to spank my bare bottom. Now he's gone. Will you take his place?"
  • Joel calls Lana for a visit: "Are you ready for me... Ralph?"
  • Joel's parents call him during the big party scene: "I don't remember giving permission for a party, Joel."
  • Joel and Guido on the phone: "You listen to me, buster. You, you a-hole. (A-hole?)"

By the way, it goes without saying, I hope, that there's no calling me or Stephanie an "a-hole" during our live chat tomorrow. Sean, on the other hand, is fair game, buster!

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