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Louis Gossett -- I want your D.O.R.


There are movies that would be totally forgettable -- save the performance of an unbelievable supporting actor. Sean Penn in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." F. Murray Abraham in "Amadeus." Jon Cryer in "Pretty in Pink." Rob Lowe in "Class."

And then there's Louis Gossett Jr. in "An Officer and a Gentlemen." Gossett, who turns 71 years old today, won an Oscar and Golden Globe for his role as "Sgt. Foley"  in the 1982 movie.

His scenes as the hard-driving drill sergeant -- along with the too-brief appearance of Robert Loggia -- are possibly the only reasons to suffer through the mopish line-delivery of Richard Gere, who has as much chemistry with Debra Winger as Ralph Macchio and Elisabeth Shue in "The Karate Kid" ("Romance ...does not exist in this dojo ... does it?)

Ironeagles Can you believe he followed up that once-in-a-lifetime performance with a role in el-bombo "Jaws 3-D?" After that it was "Enemy Mine" in 1985 and "Iron Eagle" in 1986 (Did you know there are now four "Iron Eagle" movies? That's right -- four. Never mind "Sgt. Foley" -- he has the brilliant material of "Chappy Sinclair" to fall back on.)


5. "You called me a 'ewe' ... is that what you think I am? A female sheep?!?" (Officer and a Gentleman)

4. "I'd like to replace your old rusty lock with a brand new one. The kind that only a .357 Magnum can get through." (The Principal)

3. "Max. I just want you to know... that I blame *you* for this." (Firewalker)

2. "Twenty two years! I've seen young boys blown out of the air, over the Pacific. I've seen their guts sprawled all over the rice paddies in Vietnam, so whenever somebody dies for this country, believe me boy, I GIVE A #@#*!" (Iron Eagle)

1. "Earthman, your Mickey Mouse is one big stupid dope!" (Enemy Mine)

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