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Love my way: Name the most romantic movie characters of the '80s




Six most-dreaded words in the English vocabulary: "Valentine's Day is around the corner." Over the years, Stuck in the '80s has celebrated the day with a series of less-than-loving podcasts and blog posts. My fave: the "Love Stinks" episode of the show. Click here to listen.

But this year, the crew at SIT80s feels a little more joy in our collective heart. A bit more thumping. Maybe it's just the Funyuns we had for breakfast, but I'm thinking it's time for a more positive approach to this yearly debacle of a holiday. And so I propose a new list:

Most romantic movie characters of the '80s -- male and female.

This one should be fun to compile. Start by thinking of movie characters from your fave '80s flicks that you'd love to date. Maybe the one you secretly would like to have ask you to prom. Or at least the after-graduation parties. Suggest your characters in the comments area below.

Of course, many will opt for Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything or Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles or Julie from Valley Girl. But here are some oddball picks to consider.

JOHN WINGER (Bill Murray in Stripes): Women always say they want a man with a great sense of humor. Well, here he is. Plus, Murray has access to a killer RV. And even PJ Soles finds him attractive. (Honorable mention: His role as Frank Cross in Scrooged.)

MONIQUE JUNET (Diane Franklin in Better Off Dead): Definitely can't pick Franklin in Last American Virgin, right? Plus, she's everything you want in a girlfriend in this John Cusack flick: cute, helpful, patient, inspiring and she speaks the international language of love.

BRANTLEY FOSTER/CARLTON WHITFIELD (Michael J. Fox in Secret of My Success): Just caught this again on TV last night. So maybe it's not Fox's best movie, but he can sweet-talk the paint off the walls in this movie. Granted, he loses points for using this power on his aunt.

So who's on your list?

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