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Love will tear us apart: Most unromantic songs and movie lines of the '80s



lovestinks.jpgPicking the most romantic songs of the 80s is child's play. But picking the most unromantic songs of the 80s? That's heroic. Throw in picking the most hate-filled, anti-love movie lines of the '80s, and prepare for stardom.

lovestinks2.jpgOver the last few years, we've featured "Best Kisses of the 80s" and "Best Anti-Valentine Quotes from the 80s." And in 2007, we recorded an entire podcast about "Love Gone Bad." But it always feels like there's so much more to say on the topic. Maybe love is simple. And hate is more complex than a Neal Peart drum solo.

So let's go two for two. Name your favorite unromantic songs of the '80s ... AND your favorite movie lines that really stab you in the heart. I'll feature the best suggestions from both categories on Feb. 14.

lovestinks3.jpgHere are my fave of each:

  • Love Stinks (J. Geils Band)
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
  • Just Once (James Ingram)
  • Don't Ask Why (The Replacements)
  • Separate Lives (Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin)

And the movie lines: 

  • "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." (Princess Bride)
  • "I don't want no Okie from Muskogee. I can get that right here in Port Angeles, for a dime a dozen." (An Officer and a Gentleman)
  • "I ended by falling on my knees and pledging her eternal love. And do you know that, at that time, and for several hours afterwards, I actually meant it." (Dangerous Liaisons)
  • "You don't know what love is. You've gotten everything you have always wanted and now you're feeling sorry for yourself because there's something you want and you can't have it. But you had it! I gave you love. But you asked me to leave and I left." (About Last Night)
  • "Love is deaf as well as blind." (Excalibur)

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