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Madonna fans to the rescue: 'She's NOT stuck in the '80s!'



Madonna/Getty ImagesMadonna-bashing is a bit of a pasttime here at Stuck in the '80s. And judging by the hate mail we received after our previous Madge Mauling, maybe we went too far. Longtime Stuck in the '80s listener "Anthony in Brooklyn" penned this reply, which I felt was worthy of reprinting. He makes some great points, and I promise to listen to the new album with an open mind. (And then write a really savage review.) Anthony, start preaching, papa!

I know you don't like Madonna and you entitled to your opinion, but I think you dismiss her too quickly. I think the sensationalism that media creates around her is annoying and consistently inaccurate, but I don't think her intentions are annoying. She's sustained an amazing career that is not going away for close to 30 years. At the end of the day, she is a smart, creative, tough and provocative entertainer. I can also assure you that thousands and thousands of people are excited to see her perform at the Super Bowl!

Did you see one of her tours in the '80s? (I've been listening to your podcast since the beginning.) If you haven't seen her perform in person, I would recommend that you do. I don't love all of her music or movies or whatever, but I think she is an amazing performer. She is truly in her element and completely engaged and present in her performance. I have seen many many concerts and I find that to be a pretty rare phenomenon these days. The only shows that I have seen that rival her level of dedication and energy were U2 and Prince.

I work as an art director and a designer and, as a creative person, I look up to her as a role model. I don't want to be her and I don't swear by everything she does, but I admire her work ethic, dedication and love of what she does so much. She never gives up and constantly challenges herself. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. As a creative person yourself, I think you would see some of that in her. But, I don't think you like her because she's NOT stuck in the 80s. :)

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