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Mailbag: Stuck in the 80s answers back



We get a ton of e-mail here at Stuck in the 80s -- and not all of it is from creditors! Here are some interesting questions we've received lately, along with our somewhat serious answers.


Escapealbum What was the name of the artist who did the album covers for Journey. The ones with the scarab beetles? -- Sean via e-mail.

That'd be Stanley Mouse, also known for his artwork on Grateful Dead posters.

My kids found "The Karate Kid" on TV today, and I forgot how much I love that movie!  Have you done a podcast on this yet? -- Becky from Windsor, Canada.

Actually, no, we haven't. Bizarre, right? I'm torn on Karate Kid. Parts of it are fantastic. The whole Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita stuff. But the love story between Macchio and Elizabeth Shue? Totally unfathomable. Still, worthy of a podcast for sure.

You've discussed Air Supply, Psuedo Echo and others.  You've met with Rick Springfield.  How about an 80's "Down Under" show? -- Burty from Gippsland, Australia.

We did a similar show about Canada in the 80s, and we've talked about doing the same for Australia (possibly combined with New Zealand). It just takes a TON of research. I say it's a done deal -- just don't expect me to say many nice things about Midnight Oil. Yeech!

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