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Make a wish, Vegas Girlfriend




Every once in a while, I have days where I stumble upon perfect '80s zen, that rarely achieved state of retro-bliss that sends me back 25 years and then stops the clock for hours until you're on the verge of passing out from the euphoria. (Just like Sting with his beloved tantric sex, only with far less call for ibuprofen when it's over.)

Like the hour I spent backstage with Naked Eyes' Pete Byrnes, him strumming a guitar singing Rocket Man. Or John Waite calming my pre-stage announcement nerves by singing the theme to The Beverly Hillbillies, only subbing in Bob Dylan lyrics. Even those unexpected e-mails from MTV goddess Martha Quinn, who always signs off with some killer line like "Natalie and Tootie forever!"

But zen also arrived in the form of a birthday card I received last month, with a picture of "Samantha" and "Jake" from Sixteen Candles on the front. When it opened it, it played Spandau Ballet's True, to me one of the most perfect ballads of the decade. The affections written inside? That's between me and "Sam."

Today, I know this much is true: Vegas Girlfriend turns 35 years old. How will she spend it? Listening to Marvin all night long. This is the sound of my soul.

[Photo from "Sixteen Candles"]

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