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The masquerade's forever



We just finished putting the finishing touches for our next Stuck in the 80s podcast: Great songs from bad movies. And you can't discuss that topic without including Berlin's "Masquerade" from the movie "Perfect."

Jamie_lee_curtis Was "Perfect" a truly hideous movie? It wasn't the best work by John Travolta -- not his worst either (see "Two of a Kind.") As for co-star Jamie Lee Curtis -- not bad. But it's no "A Fish Called Wanda" either.

I put "Perfect" squarely in the "Golden Child" camp of '80s movies -- still entertaining to watch 20 years later, but certainly a campy, guilty pleasure at best.


5. "Somebody's editing with their elbows!"

4. "Always treat a famous person as if they're not. And a person who's not as if they were."

3. "She's the most used piece of equipment in the gym."

2. "It's a lot more fun looking for Mr. Goodbody than Mr. Goodbar."

1. "I guess I'll go see if I can scare up a gang-bang."

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