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Max Headroom turns 50 years old



Headroom_max4aa Actually, it's Matt Frewer, the actor who played "Edison Carter/Max Headroom," who turns 50 years old today, but we like to stretch things from time to time.

Frewer also made small appearances in a slew of other '80s flicks, including The Lords of Discipline, Spies Like Us and Ishtar, but it was the quirky TV series that really made him a headliner. The show only lasted 14 episodes during the 1987-88 season, but that was enough to make it one of the best-remembered shows of the '80s.

"Max was fantastic for me, because basically it was a double calling card playing both roles," Frewer told once in an interview. "Coming to L.A. as an unknown actor, it was a fantastic thing for me to have this."

In the years after Max Headroom, Frewer kept busy acting, mainly in small parts in TV series including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Miami Vice. He continues to star on TV today, often in his native Canada.


5. "How can you tell a network executive is lying? His lips move!"

4. "Yes, t-t-t-t-tune into Network 23! The network that's a real mind-blower!"

3. "Y'know ... I get the feeling there's a lot of faces out there ... watching ... me! And I can tell you it brings a lump to my ratings. Yes, this is Network 23. The net-net-net-net-network that puts it right ... where they want you to be!"

2. "Converts are the worst bigots."

1. "Most people would agree that censors are a silly breed. In fact, it surprises me how they ever manage to breed at all."

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