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Mean Joe Green to Michael J. Fox: Best Super Bowl commercials of the '80s



mean_joe_green.jpgSuper Bowl commercials are probably the only reason half the world will turn on the TV this Sunday night. (Patriots and Giants? Boring.) No, we want laughs, some drama, a few tears and maybe a tiny sprinkling of practical consumer information. And while it's safe to say that many of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials have hit in the last decade, the '80s gave us a few TV spots for the ages. last year compiled their list of the 100 best Super Bowl commercials, and happily it includes five spots from the '80s. In fact, the '80s occupy three of the Top 5 spots. The top pick? Mean Joe Green in his epic Coca-Cola commercial in 1980. It's a legendary spot that he's actually reprising this year (but for Downey fabric softener.)

Here are the ads they picked, along with excerpts from their comments and the commercial's ranking inside their top 100:

No. 77: Wendy's "Where's The Beef?" Ad (1984):
"Once this ad aired, everyone was quoting this line and it became one of the more famous tag lines in the history of advertising."

No. 13: Budweiser's "Bud Bowl I" Ad (1989):
"It's one of the great rivalries in sports. "

No. 4: Pepsi's "Apartment 10g" Ad (1985):
"You've got a major celebrity in Michael J. Fox, an attractive woman, a bit of a sticky situation, action sequences, a rainstorm and to top it all off — another attractive woman!"

No. 2: Apple's "1984" Ad (1984):
"The company brought in Ridley Scott to direct this ad that makes analogies to George Orwell's novel "1984." All of this was to promote the Macintosh computer and it was a gamechanger in the ad industry."

No. 1: Coca-Cola's "Mean Joe Greene" Ad (1980):
"What I want to know is why security let that kid get through for no apparent reason. If that happened today, he would have gotten the business end of a taser."


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