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Meanest e-mail ever from Canadian fan



podcast.jpgIf Stuck in the '80s ends with show #219, you can blame Canada. Specifically, you can blame Mrs. Ivan Joinderpuss of Toronto -- IF THAT IS HER REAL NAME, who sent in this e-mail on Monday.

Dear Mr Daly and Mr. Spears -- I've been a fickle listener for some time, but my husband whom you may know as Mr. Ivan Joinderpuss, is a huge fan, which is funny because he’s younger than me (33) and pretty much missed the '80s ... at least the first time. 
Anyway, on a 17 hour road trek over the holidays I caught your last podcast and I have to say your verbal fisticuffs not only made me laugh out loud but brought me to an epiphany.  The reason I find you two so entertaining is that you two represent a duality in myself that’s a little unnerving.
When I first started listening I was automatically drawn to your edgie, somewhat indie (was there indie in the '80s?) sensibilities, Mr. Spears; and you Mr. Daly represented everything I dislike about our neighbour to the South mass-consumerism, shallow assembly-line pop and appeal-to-the-masses formulaic entertainment.  However, the more I listen and especially after the last podcast, I find myself coming to Sean's defense.

Steve: I wouldn't go so far as to call it narcissism and I'm certainly no expert, but I’m growing tired of your navel-gazing. However, the multifaceted research and superb production quality of the podcast is a redemption and as a recovering navel-gazer myself - I usually share your opinions on matters musical and cinematic.
Sean:  I'm so warming to your say-it-like-it-is-but-say-it-well pragmatism.  Despite your current relationship troubles you obviously are able to put your kids first and come across as a more whole person. Your smug brashness belies an articulate and observant soul.  It is really unfair that you always have to wear the black hat to the shoot-out. 
I love that you are both really stubborn about your views and give each other no leeway, it makes the podcast great.  I leave you now not stuck in, but with one foot in the '80s.
Mrs. Ivan Joinderpuss in Toronto

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