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Meanwhile back in the 21st century...



The year is 2007 and Stuck in the 80s broadcasts its last video of a science-fiction TV show's opening credits. In a freak mishap, the blog controls are frozen and Stuck in the 80s fans are transported back to earth nearly 30 years earlier.

Buck_rogers Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was one of my absolute favorite TV shows,Ardala thanks primarily to Erin Gray ("Col. Wilma Deering") and Pamela Hensley ("Princess Ardala"). Of course, there's Gil Gerard too, as Buck Rogers. (Deep down inside, I hope Gil doesn't think badly of his signature TV role.)

Speaking of Erin Gray, her other memorable 80s film appearance is in the Kenny Rogers stock-car flick Six Pack, also featuring a very young Anthony Michael Hall. Gray also had recurring roles on Magnum P.I. ("Digger Doyle") and Silver Spoons ("Kate Summers"). Gray auditioned for the lead role as the female captain in Star Trek Voyager and made it the final five.

Twiki loves it!

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