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Meet the world's most-dedicated Journey concert T-shirt collector




There's something comforting about a Journey concert T-shirt. It says, "Any way you want it, I'll be there ... faithfully ... with open arms." That's probably why Dave Jansik set out to become possibly the world's most infamous collector of Journey tees.

All told, Jansik has 50 of these little darlings.

Journey2 "I would have never imagined that I could have amassed so many," Jansik told me. "There was that vintage shirt fad in the early 2000s started by college kids and hipsters that got people to rummage through their closets and make some cash off them on eBay. It was a good time to snarf this stuff up."

But why so MANY T-shirts?

"I attribute starting the collecting to an identity crisis. Going back to my roots helped me define myself I guess," he said. "Plus in your 30s you start to get nostalgic for the old days."

Feel like joining Jansik in his little hobby? Better start saving up. It can get expensive.

"I have seen a 1983 Miami, Florida Frontiers shirt, the blue-faced cover art sporting sunglasses, go for $150. The average highest bid I see is around $70," he writes on "If you can get something for $20 feel lucky, but expect to pay around $30 to $50 on average."

And the missing grail in his collection? An Escape tour shirt from Florida with the bug zapping Florida with a laser beam. If you see it, give him a holler.

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