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Mellencamp goes Quayle hunting



MellencampWe 80s fans have been tough on John Mellencamp over the years. We mocked his Johnny Cougar moniker. Cracked on his signature "Jack and Diane" ditty. Wondered aloud what would make someone sing about pink houses. Called him a poor man's Springsteen. But ole Mellencamp kept smiling and never groused. Probably that strong Midwest upbringing.

So today, I want to give him his due. Why? Because he recently chased away former Vice President Dan Quayle from one of his concerts by taking a shot at the current Bush administration. AP reports that at a July 14 concert in Nevada, Mellencamp, unaware that Quayle was in attendance, introduced the tune "Walk Tall," saying the song was for "all the poor people who've been ignored by the current administration." Quayle beat it to the nearest exit. His spokesman explained later than Quayle felt "enough was enough."

Mellencamp, however, has no regrets. In a statement to the L.A. Times, the singer said, "It's kind of telling that he chose to walk out as I was doing a song about tolerance."

Maybe Danny Boy ought to stick with Bush-friendly acts like Toby Keith and the rest of the country music scene.

In the meantime, this top 5 list is for you, Mr. Mellencamp.

Top 5 John Mellencamp songs:
5. Jack and Diane:
"Let the bible belt, come and save my soul"
4. Authority Song: "Dying to me don't sound like all that much fun"
3. Ain't Even Done With the Night: "Our hearts beat like thunder, I don't know why they don't explode"
2. I Need A Lover: "I don't know no good come-ons. And I don't know no cool lines"
1. Small Town: "Gonna die in this small town. And that's probably where they'll bury me"

(Photo: AP)

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