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Melora Hardin also was 'Back to the Future' castaway



MELORA_HARDIN.JPGBy now, everyone knows the tale of Eric Stoltz being replaced by Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future. But here's a lesser-known fact: When Stoltz got canned, so did The Office's Melora Hardin, who originally was to play Marty's girlfriend.

"It was a real small part in the first one and then a bigger role in the second one that Elisabeth Shue ended up playing," Hardin tells "When I got it, it was a two picture deal, so it was going to be both films and Eric Stoltz was originally cast to play McFly, so I was going to play his girlfriend. And then they let Eric Stoltz go and I was too tall for Michael J. Fox. They called me in very regretfully and said that it wasn’t going to work out, which was sad. I was like 17 and, of course, shed some tears over that."

Instead, the role went to Claudia Wells, who was unable to reprise her role in the second movie because her mother was fighting cancer (hence Shue took it over). In the '80s, Wells also appeared in the TV series adaptations of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Fame.

" I guess it had the potential to kind of change everything for me, but I don’t know," Hardin said. "It didn’t really do anything for the girl who played the small part and then was recast."

That's heavy.

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