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Modern English's Robbie Grey recalls infamous Spring Break gig in Florida



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When it comes to Modern English, people tend to recall two things right away. First, their tune I Melt With You, which has launched a thousand mix tapes (and sold its share of Burger King cheeseburgers and Hersey bars). And their infamous Spring Break gig in Daytona Beach back in the early '80s, which -- if you believe all the stories of those who claimed to be there -- must have been attended by a half-million people. When Stuck in the '80s talked to Robbie last week, we asked him for his memories of that event. Here's what he said:

"Yeah, that was a big one. Aw, it was just fantastic. We were just breaking at that moment. This is how naive we were as Englishmen: We got off the plane in Daytona Beach wearing coats, you know. We were wearing winter clothes! We were literally walking down the gangplank taking all our clothes off. It was bloody hot!"

"That night, i remember, we went to the venue in Daytona, and the guy said you can play outside in the open air. And we'd never down anything like that before. We were club sorta venue band in England -- 200 people. So we got a bit scared by that and we said no, we want to play indoors. And God almighty. They couldn't get all the people in there. There was about 5,000 people outside, 5,000 people inside. The moisture coming off the walls was incredible. The crowd went absolutely nuts. That's probably why people remember it."

Click here to listen to our complete interview with Robbie. And if you're in Tampa Bay, catch Modern English live at The Venue in Clearwater on Sunday, Sept. 26.

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