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Mogul throwdown: Zemeckis vs. Lucas

Lucas Two big names in '80s film-making share a birthday today: George Lucas, 64, and Robert Zemeckis, 57. (Nevermind the guy in the middle of the photo. He's probably just some anonymous fan getting his photo taken with his heroes.)

Though perhaps their signature work was outside our decade -- Lucas' "Star Wars" began in 1977 and Zemeckis' scored with "Forrest Gump" in 1994 -- they each left big footprints in the '80s ... along with a couple of trips and stumbles.

So which Hollywood god should be giving the other one noogies today? Which mogul reigns supreme? Here we go...

Back_to_the_future LUCAS:
George didn't direct much in the 80s, but his writing and producing skills helped crank out hits like the "Indiana Jones" trilogy, "Labyrinth" and even the unlikely "Body Heat."
ZEMECKIS: Robert has the "Back to the Future" trilogy to hang his hat on, though he'd probably rather forget Parts 2 and 3. (I know the rest of us have.)

Howard_the_duck_1986 LUCAS:
All I have to say here is "Howard the Duck" and Michael Jackson's "Captain EO." 
ZEMECKIS: I'm going to catch grief for this, but I can't stand 1988's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" OK, then let's talk about the el-bombo "1941" -- released in December 1979, so it was still stinking up screens briefly into the 80s.

The would-be Val Kilmer star vehicle "Willow" was written by Lucas. Though I doubt he takes credit for the line, "You are so beautiful! Your eyes! Your whiskers! I have to kiss you!"
ZEMECKIS: Let's start with the guilty pleasure of 1980's "Used Cars." And remember, he also directed "Romancing the Stone," back when Kathleen Turner could still act. (I'm kidding. ... She could never act.)

Tough call. George has the "Star Wars" legacy and the upcoming revival of Indiana Jones (stay tuned for this week's podcast!). But maybe we should be thankful that Zemeckis doesn't have a "Back to the Future" prequel for us to kick around. ("Back to the Future 6: Revenge of the Biff")

You tell us! Which one wins this battle?

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