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More portraits from Awesome '80s Prom




The Awesome '80s Prom will never die. Not so long as photos continue to arrive in my e-mail. The guy without pants on. NOT Sean Daly, but someone dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business. His date was a dead ringer for Rebecca De Mornay as well.


And it's not an official Stuck in the '80s event unless Sweet Lou Grilli and his wife Barbara are there. Pretty good '80s fashion sense, too, and much less sweatier than my Sopranos-esque outfit.

Steve_and_inga Remember my story about taking a Swedish exchange student to prom my senior year? (I swear I'm not making this up.) Here's the official "Swedish exchange student" at the Awesome '80s Prom -- "Inga." Nice outfit. But if you saw the leg lifts and splits she was doing on the dance floor, you'd understand why I'm sweating so much.

I tried chatting up Inga about my night with real-life prom date Maria, but she kept staring at me like I was speaking a foreign language. She was just trying to stay in character, right? Right?!?

SIT80s fans Kim and "Dickie" -- a slightly gayer "Duckie" knockoff -- were talking the same language though. I wasn't around when this photo was taken, but I'm told Kim led Dickie's successful campaign to be elected Prom "Queen."


And lastly, that dreaded "Bender" guy again. Sure, he won Prom King (and nearly punched Dickie during their spotlight dance). But just try taking a photo with him. Yeah, that's NOT really Molly Ringwald's head balancing on his fist. Come on, Bender! Just one photo without a middle finger!


So the Awesome '80s Prom has left town, and we're all left with just the photos, the decaying corsages ... and a nasty hangover from the very potent "Wanaget High Punch." ($20 all you can drink!) Check out the official website to see if the show is coming near your hometown soon.

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