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More Thompson Twins please!



Thompson_twins Rabid fans of The Thompson Twins have started an online petition in hopes of getting a rarities collection released by the band's record company. (Click here to see the petition and sign up.)

What are the odds of success? Well, there are only 48 signatures on it to date. Still you have to admire the passion. There's even a MySpace page devoted to the cause. The petition claims to have the support of band leader Tom Bailey.

Though the Brit act had a relatively short career (lasting from 1977 to 1993), more than 20 compilations of their work are floating around in various forms, including 2007's "Love On Your Side - The Best of the Thompson Twins."

Two of the band's best-known albums -- "Into the Gap" and "Quick Step and Side Kick" -- were re-released last month as 2-CD packages, including remixes, extended cuts and tunes that that didn't make the original albums.

Rarities aside, you know you're not leaving this item without a top 10 list, right?

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