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Most puzzling list yet: Top 5 Rubik's Cube T-shirts





Halloween is nearly here. Time to start thinking of '80s-oriented costumes. Or just cheat and buy an '80s T-shirt instead. With that in mind, today's guest blog item comes from
Travis Greenwood , who works for, a rad company that reproduces T-shirts worn in movies. You can read more of his writing at It Goes to 11, a blog about T-shirts, movies, music and other pop culture phenomenons.

Much as with movies, television programs and video games of the era, popular toys from the '80s are providing today's T-shirt designers with fodder for the creative process. In particular, the Rubik's Cube has emerged as a go-to motif for numerous graphic artists of a geeky or compulsive bent. Below, I've compiled a list of 5 smart shirts that feature or riff on the venerable '80s icon in one fashion or another.


5. THE CLASSIC: This officially licensed shirt from Homage Clothing speaks to the difficult challenge that a mixed-up Rubik's Cube presents. I also really dig that throwback cursive.


4. THE INNUENDO MODEL: Some people really obsess over the Rubik's Cube, strategizing quicker solutions and dreaming up new disciplines (blindfolded, underwater, one-handed, etc.). This tee, titled " I'm Good With My Hands," makes the perfect gifts for such individuals.


3. THE CHEAT: I think an integral part of the Cube's lasting appeal are the bright, primary colors. This design from Snorg Tees captures that sentiment to a "tee" (pun intended).


2. THE DILBERT: Reimagining the workplace as a Rubik's Cubicle, this clever spoof from Loiter Apparel speaks to those people that see the world through a Cubed prism.


1. THE CHAMP: I can't say that I've ever successfully solved the Rubik's Cube without cheating, but when I do, this is how I'll feel. Redemption is so sweet!

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