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Movie god Nicolas Cage



To die-hard 80s fans, he'll always be "Randy" - the tripendicular punk rocker in 1983's " Valley Girl." Rocking to the Plimsouls. Hiding in the shower. Spitting his gum on Tommy. Nevermind his other roles. I'm telling you ... he's Randy. Strange hairy triangle of chest hair or fast fading hair line. Stealing fast cars or fighting biological warfare. Getting drunk in Vegas or stealing babies in Arizona. Nic Cage as Randy is Mr. 80s. And he's 42 years old today.

A little trivia for you 80s fans. You probably already know his real name is Nicolas Coppola, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. But did you know....
-- His first movie role was a fry cook at All-American Burger (alongside John Reinhold) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
-- He may look and sound Italian, but he's also half German.
-- He improvised many of the best scenes, including the entire breakup scene with girlfriend Julie in Valley Girl, including the classic line, "Well, f--- off for sure, like totally!"
-- He ate a live cockroach in "Vampire's Kiss" -- a scene that had to be shot three time. That's the flavor.
-- He's a cousin of Jason Schwartzman (the Nic Cage of the next generation?).
-- He's one of only 3 actors to be nominated for an Oscar for playing multiple roles in the same film ("Adaptation"). His Oscar win came for Leaving Las Vegas, which left Richard Dreyfuss devastated after his nomination the same year for Mr. Holland's Opus.

And of course, Top 5 80s movies with Nic Cage:
5) Birdy
4) Racing with the Moon
3) Moonstruck
2) Raising Arizona
1) Valley Girl

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