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Moving out with Richard Pryor



Moving Today is Moving Day for the Stuck in the 80s mansion. So as I try to squeeze my collection of a-ha import CDs, "Police Academy" DVD box set and life-sized Ione Skye plush pillow (I gave her my heart...) into new 1-bedroom apartment, I thought I'd give you a moving-theme blog item.

TODAY'S RETRO-REVIEW: 1988's "Moving," starring Richard Pryor, Beverly Todd and Randy Quaid. Directed by Alan Metter ("Back to School" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun.")

THE TAGLINE: "On the New Jersey Turnpike, no one can hear you scream."

THE PLOT: Arlo Pear (Pryor, with the best character name of all time) is a family man with a nice job in New Jersey. But after being laid off, the only similar job he can find ... is in Idaho. (Wow, this practically writes itself.)

MAYBE YOU REMEMBER: The great Morris Day (of Morris Day and the Time) makes a cameo. Man, someone get Morris a better acting agent. He could have been solid gold in the '80s.

SURELY YOU CAN"T FORGET: A very young Dana Carvey, as the man with multiple personalities hired to drive Arlo's car to Idaho. And no, it's not his first big-screen credit. Carvey was in 1981's "Halloween II" as "WWAR Assistant."

WHAT THE CRITICS SAID: The Washington Post said: "The movie seems to have been conceived as a kind of fantasy of contentment and affluence for the black audience, and its message seems to be, 'Yes, it's true. We, too, can be as insufferably upscale and boring as whites.' "

WHY WE LOVE IT ANYWAY: It's sure a lot better than "The Toy." And with a rich cast of cameos -- including Dave Thomas -- it's hard not to enjoy getting into the moving spirit. Just keep Quaid away from my boxes of porn material.


5. "Keep the weed whacker, Frank! Be happy with it because you have to friends! Nobody wants to talk to you!"

4. "I gave him the wrong g---amn finger!

3. "Who you think you talkin' to? I'll stomp a mudhole in your a--, poop butt!"

2. "Ma'am, that dog hasn't farted since March '78."

1. "There's no G---amn way, I'm G---amn moving to Ida-son of a bitch, s--t eating-ho."

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