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MTV turns 28 years old: What was its ultimate moment?



Mtv "Ladies and gentlemen ... rock and roll." MTV was born with those words 28 years ago this weekend. Sure, nobody outside a new thousand households in New Jersey witnessed it live. But the music world would never be the same.

But during its almost three decades of existence, what was MTV's most memorable moment? When you think of Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, Video Killed the Radio Star, Remote Control and the rest of what became of the music network -- back when they still played music -- does one image stand out in your mind?

That's today's quest: Name your favorite or most memorable MTV moment. It can be a deeply personal one. Or it can be something a little more universally recognized. Leave your top moment as a comment below. But here are the five that stand out to me:

ASIA IN ASIA (Dec. 6, 1983): The supergroup Asia should have been on top of the world when they played a live show carried on MTV from Japan's Budokan Hall. But lead singer John Wetton had quit, leaving Greg Lake to take over vocals. Asia fans were shocked. The full lineup of the band wouldn't reunite for nearly 25 years.

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR (Aug. 1, 1981): The very first video played on MTV was performed by The Buggles. The song was actually released two years earlier, but it became an anthem for the network in the early days until ...

MONEY FOR NOTHING (Summer 1985): "I want my ... I want my ... I want my MTV." Sting's ghostly falsetto contribution to Dire Strait's anti-anthem of the network and one of the biggest hits of the year. It also was the first video played in 1987 when MTV Europe was launched.

ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING: Headbanger's Ball, 120 Minutes, Remote Control, The Real World, Yo MTV Raps. Though we mock MTV these days for abandoning music videos, you have to give them credit for inventing entirely new genres of TV programming.

LIVE AID (July 13, 1985): MTV provided a live broadcast of the concert to raise funds for famine relief in Africa. So did the BBC and ABC, though MTV's broadcast was in stereo. The concert would reinvigorate Queen's career and prove to be the last concert by Duran Duran's original members until a reunion this decade.

What other moments stand out most to you?

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