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MTV will tear us apart: 20 unsung videos of the '80s




Anyone can compile a list of their favorite videos of the '80s. Thriller. Take On Me. Sledgehammer. But what about the 20 best unsung videos of our decade? did just that, and I gotta say: Their list is pretty good, if not great.

Why are these videos "unsung?" Probably because they didn't get the heavy rotation on MTV necessary to reach critical mass. Why the lack of love from MTV? Well, you'd have to ask them. I'm sure there's some complicated equation about radio airplay vs. promotional dollars vs. rock/paper/scissors.

Of course, you'll want to click here to see the full list from But there are three that I pulled off their list that have always been on my personal list of favorites. Feel free to add your own in the comments area.

JOY DIVISION: Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980):

ADAM AND THE ANTS: Stand And Deliver (1981):

DAVID BOWIE: Absolute Beginners (1989):

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