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The much-overdue return of horror guru John Carpenter

johncarpenter.jpg"John Carpenter ... I thought you were dead...."

Very few things are as important in a person's life as the moment he or she experiences John Carpenter for the first time. I truly believe that the measure of one's self is defined by which Carpenter movie you identify with the most.

For me, the answer for both is Escape from New York. (Sorry, Halloween fans.) But you must give it up for The Fog, The Thing and even They Live. All classics from our beloved decade. But Escape from New York? I remember being disappointed when the island of Manhattan wasn't actually turned into a prison in 1997, as the film predicted. (There's still time!)

The good news today, though, is that Carpenter is back. The 63-year-old director, after getting a decade of rest, says his batteries are recharged and he's ready to start making movies again.

"I had to quit and regain the love of it, because once that goes, you're in trouble," Carpenter tells the New York Daily News.

Click here to read more about his comeback and his movie The Ward from the Daily News.


5. "Call me Snake."

4. "The Duke? The Duke of New York, A-Number-1, the Big Man, that's who!"

3. "You touch me... he dies. If you're not in the air in thirty seconds... he dies. You come back in... he dies."

2. "Just one thing, right now... don't call me Harold!"

1. "Snake Plissken ... I heard you were dead."

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