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The music video our mothers refused to let us watch



It seems innocent enough. The song was Twilight Zone. By a Dutch band named Golden Earring. What could a parent object to?

Oh, then they hear the lyrics. "It's 2 a.m., the fear has gone. I'm sitting here waiting, the gun's still warm."

"Steve, is that guy singing about shooting a gun?" I'd hear. I could shake that off.

Then the damaging lines. "Soon you will know, when the bullet hits the bone."

"That's just wrong. Turn it off," Mom would say. I could put her off for a few more seconds but when the scene comes when female interrogators shove the giant hypodermic needle in the guy's arm, Mom would be on her feet, turning to channel to The People's Court.

(We had a very Judge Wapner household. Only it was mom was exercised total power to convict and sentence wrongdoers. Usually that involved a few hours of pulling weeds in the lawn.)

By the way, I didn't know until just recently that Golden Earring had been around a while before striking gold in the '80s. The band was formed in The Hague in 1961. They're probably best now for the 1973 hit Radar Love. But they also charted with Twilight Zone in 1982 and When The Lady Smiles in 1984. And they're still together today. Pretty cool.

It all begs the question: What music videos were banned in your households in the '80s? Surely someone has a better story than my Twighlight Zone tale.

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