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Must be take-a-worm-for-a-walk week: Name the best movie insults of the '80s



Cobra Kai in Karate KidMovie insults are a double-edged sword. They're so often brilliant, but if you actually borrowed one and used it in real life, that's about the lamest move known to man. So all we can really do is appreciate the artistry of the moment ... and vow to come up with something more creative in our spare time.

Which brings us to the '80s ... as always.

Lately, I'm infatuated with The Karate Kid, but only because it's been spinning nonstop on cable these days. It doesn't have as many great insults as, say, Scarface. But it has its moments. I still cringe when the bit actor credited only as "Yahoo at the beach," responds to Mr. Miyagi's request to remove the beer bottles from his car: "Kindly do it yourself, Mr. Moto." (Points definitely deducted for bringing the racial angle into it, Mr. "Yahoo at the Beach.")

Still, the cheesiest insult comes from Tommy (Rob Garrison) of the Cobra Kai, who lamely tosses out, "Must be take-a-worm-for-a-walk week" at Daniel-San and Ali. Take a worm for a walk?? Seriously, if I had trotted that insult out at ANY point in life, I'd have had a dozen people trying to sweep my leg for the sheer silliness of it.

So now it's your turn. Feel free to use Youtube's "100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time" video for inspiration (though it's very NSFW so use headphones). In the meantime, here are five that come to mind off the top of my head.

1. "Your name wouldn't be Dick, would it?" (Roxanne)

2. "Well f--- you, for sure, like totally!" (Valley Girl)

3. "Hey. Back off! I'll rip out your eyes and piss on your brain." (Trading Places)

4. "Foul-mouthed? F--- you, man." (Beverly Hills Cop)

5. "Move it! Or I'm going to rip your b---- off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, Private Pyle, if it short-d---- every cannibal on the congo!"

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