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My Sharona's inspiration, John Hughes' fiction, '80s one-hit wonders from No Doubt



Bassnote Today's reader mail ... is from Bassnote, who was our guest co-host for the Peter Gabriel podcast: "Thanks to my appearance on the podcast, I have a bunch of new friends on Facebook, including; Chase Squires, Gail Scott, and the one and only Carol Janssen. I appreciate all the positive feedback people have given me about the podcast. I got my hands on an import copy of Gabriel's new disc, Scratch My Back. The album is hard to listen to. It is one of those albums that takes several listens before it grows on you. It's very different from anything Gabriel has done before, and that's saying a lot considering how different his music is to begin with. The music is just piano and orchestra, no drums or guitars. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Peter Gabriel interview. Thanks again for the great time."


  • Sharona Alperin, the real-life inspiration for The Knack's song My Sharona, talks to the L.A. Times. "It was a magical time," she said. "Sometimes sleeping in the day, I was going on tour, I was going to sound checks every day, at radio stations I was signing autographs, people recognized me from the single cover so almost every show that I went to someone had brought a single for me to sign."
  • The late John Hughes continued to write fiction after his career in film ended. Vanity Fair has some examples
  • No Doubt is working on an album of one-hit wonders from the '80s. "The last few weeks we've been listening to the worst of the '80s, in the sense of bad but good," Gwen Stefani told Rolling Stone. No doubt, this is a bad idea.
  • In case you forget to check, our online poll shows that more than 70 percent of voters think the We Are The World remake is truly awful
  • A new promo commercial for Glee sadly has no '80s music. Don't stop believing, just yet.

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