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The mysterious Mr. Hughes



HughesThe legacy of the godfather of the 80s -- John Hughes -- is examined closely in an article this week in the Los Angeles Times.

Hughes is back in the news because the new Owen Wilson flick "Drillbit Taylor" is based on a story that Hughes wrote back in the '80s. And even though Hughes' name reportedly doesn't appear in the credits, it was enough of a "return" to draw the industry's attention.

Click here to read the LA Times article in full. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Hughes left Hollywood in 1995. He's living in seclusion with his family in either Chicago or Wisconsin, depending on who you believe.
  • He grants no interviews and has no agent. Even fellow directors and writers who try to look him up while in Chicago discover he can't be found. The only actor who's met with him in recent years: Vince Vaughn during the filming of his movie "The Break Up."
  • There's no consensus on why Hughes quit the movie business. The Times says, "It's possible that the filmmaker, who gave studio executives headaches when he was riding high, simply grew tired of the messy business of making movies and chose to pursue a simpler life."

With teen movies once again abusing the pre-Hughes formula of breast shots and fart jokes, wouldn't this seem like a good time for his return?

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