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Name the '80s most overrated actors



Andrewmccarthymed They used to thrill us. Now they just irritate us. They act with their eyes. They phone it in. And yet, we cooed over them for 10 long years.

They're the "Most Overrated Actors of the '80s" and they haunt our dreams to this day. Just turn on cable TV and you'll find Pretty in Pink and leading contender Andrew McCarthy -- wig firmly in place, unfairly stealing Andie away from Duckie. Damn you, Andrew. Why is it that pasty-faced never-will-be thespians like yourself always end up stealing the hot redheads?

We're compiling a list of the "Most Overrated Actors" from our favorite decade, and we want your help. (Not your help, Emilio Estevez ... you've been enough trouble already.) Leave us a comment with your nominations and in a week or so, we'll roll out the full list.

In the meantime, here are today's suggestions from Vegas Girlfriend live from the Spears Lair. (Her comments verbatim, of course, between episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.)

ANDREW McCARTHY: "Whiny. And I agree with Cathy Wos ... he acts with his eyes. I haven't seen St. Elmo's Fire in so long, and I'm pretty sure it's because of Andrew McCarthy."

KEANU REEVES: "Dude. So miscast in Dangerous Liaisons. That's just the most striking crime against humanity."

JULIA ROBERTS: "Awww, the big horse face was in Miami Vice. That's sorta cool. But I was so glad when they killed her off in Steel Magnolias."

MEL GIBSON: "Ugh. His homophobic anti-semitic comments aside, with the exception of the sex scene in Tequila Sunrise (sigh ... Spearsy, come here!), Mad Max can just go away. ... Now can we watch Buffy?"

DEMI MOORE: (No Buffy 'til we name one more!) "Fine! How about Demi, then. Her and Ashton Kutcher deserve each other. But there is that sex scene in About Last Night. (Umm ... Spearsy?)"

What actors -- male and female -- are we neglecting to skewer?

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