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Name the best (and worst) movie and TV moms of the '80s



Claire Huxtable, Elyse Keaton, Peggy Bundy
! The '80s were the "Mom Decade!" Even the greatest fictional mom of all time -- Marge Simpson -- got her start in our beloved decade.

And yes, Mother's Day is around the corner again, so prepare yourself for hundreds of thousands of media pieces on great TV and movie moms. But don't kid yourself: The good, bad and ugly all start and end in the '80s.

Still, we want to know YOUR PICKS for the best and worst TV and movie moms of the 1980s. We'll name the top 10 on a Stuck in the '80s podcast later this week. (It'll also give me a chance to chide my own mom for her top 5 mothering triumphs and mistakes of the '80s. No. 1 on the mistake list remains her refusal to let me see Duran Duran on the Seven and the Ragged Tiger tour with my girlfriend Alisa. The scars remain!)

Leave your suggestions below, and if you have a special story about your mom in the '80s, call our new fan line and tell us. The number is (813) 641-4619. Or send your story to

In the meantime, here are five '80s moms I can't forget:

Goldie hawn COACH MOLLY McGRATH (Goldie Hawn in Wildcats): She finally gets her dream job -- coaching a high school football team -- but almost loses her daughters in the process. (But the tub scene makes up for all her sins.)

C.J. WIATT (Diane Keaton in Baby Boom): Maybe the frontrunner for world's greatest '80s mom after dumping her NYC job and taking her baby to the sticks of New England, where she makes a fortune with gourmet baby food.

Katey Sagal PEGGY BUNDY (Katey Sagal in Married ... With Children): It took me years to realize that without her frumpy TV wardrobe and hairdo, Sagal is one serious foxy mama.

JENNY MEYER (Kim Darby in Better Off Dead): You know her as "Lane's Mom" and she gets all the good lines in this John Cusack classic. "Fraaaaanch fries!" (I'm partial to, "You like raisins!")

Enemy mine JERIBA SHIGAN (Louis Gossett Jr. in Enemy Mine): Ha! You figured it'd be an all-male list. But lest you forget "Jerry" is both male and female and that Dracs can reproduce asexually. Oh god, I'm such a nerd.

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