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Name the best covers of '80s classics



This will sound harsh, but I really mean it: Cover songs are normally a crime against humanity. Seriously. Reopen the courthouses in Nuremberg and drag Alien Ant Farm, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and all the other offenders in and have them beg for mercy in front of the Stuck in the '80s nation.

That being said, I sorta dig some of their work. No, not Paul Anka and Barry Manilow's cover albums of '80s classics. But No Doubt's version of It's My Life is pleasant. (I still prefer Talk Talk's original.) And when I hear Smooth Criminal in my head for 12 straight hours -- this happens a lot -- it's usually Alien Ant Farm's version, not MJ's.

I figure this ailment probably affects a lot of us. And so I humbly ask: Name your favorite covers of '80s classics. We'll compile a top 10 list for a future podcast.

Here are a couple more that I shamefully enjoy:

TAKE ON ME (Reel Big Fish): It's in the movie Baseketball, which I sadly own and enjoy far too often. So sorry, a-ha fans.

COME ON EILEEN (Save Ferris): So I'm a sucker for ska. Dexy and his Midnight Runners probably enjoy this one too.

BOYS OF SUMMER (The Ataris): Again, I think I like it better than Don Henley's original, which played so much on the radio that we all knew the lyrics -- whether we wanted to or not.

EVERYTHING COUNTS (Meat Beat Manifesto): This is among my top 5 Depeche Mode songs, but I figure this is how the song would sound if I tried to cover it myself.

GIRL U WANT (Zombie Ghost Train): Why do bands that cover '80s classics have the oddest names? But anyone who recognizes the excellence of my fave Devo song is alright in my book.

Time to add your favorites. (If you need a cheat sheet, look here.)

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