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Name the top 20 roles of Michael J. Fox

Michael-J-Fox-publicity-photo.jpgMichael J. Fox turns 50 years old next week. Whoa, that's heavy. And so to celebrate, we'd like to compile a list of his 20 best acting roles. Unlike so many of his acting peers of the '80s, Fox's career is almost split 50-50 between television and film, so for this list we're taking nominations in both categories.

A little more instruction: These roles can be from any decade. Though obviously we're prejudiced toward his '80s work. More importantly, can anyone make a good case for not putting Family Ties' Alex P. Keaton at No. 1? 

While we await your suggestions, here are five obscure roles that would be longshots to make the list.

JOE RASNICK (Night of Day): Remember the Barbusters? This 1987 movie, co-starring Joan Jett, was nearly dead on arrival at cineplexes. Why? Because Fox can't sing, and Jett can't act.

JAMIE CONWAY (Bright Lights, Big City): Jay McInerney writes legendary novels. But when they're converted into screenplays, something is lost in translation. Seeing Fox snort coke lines in bathrooms of Manhattan clubs is just too creepy for us.

JIMMY COWENS  (The Love Boat): Fox was on Love Boat? How did we miss this? If you have the TV show DVD box set, look for a 1983 episode awkwardly titled: "I Like to Be in America/He Ain't Heavy/Abbey's Maiden Voyage."

JASON STONE (Mars Attacks): Some people love this movie. It's campy, they insist. You're enjoying too much mescaline, I insist. Even director Tim Burton hates this movie.

JAY-JAY MANNERS (High School U.S.A.): Actually, Fox's role in this 1983 made-for-TV movie probably will make the list. I just wanted to pick five characters all starting with "J."

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