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Name the ultimate Billy Idol album of the '80s



Billy_idol_rebel_yell_45 Billy Idol had a charmed life in the '80s. And we badly want to include his footprint on our list of the 80 albums that every '80s fan should own. But which album?

Now I know the first instinct is to you scream Rebel Yell, and there's nothing wrong with that. But let's just take a little more time and think things through.

What about his first work in the '80s: the 1981 EP Don't Stop. Only four songs, but two of them are brilliant: Dancing with Myself and Untouchables. (Here's his version with Generation X.) I can't bring myself to listen to Mony Mony anymore. Serious radio and club overkill there.

There also 1982's Billy Idol, which had White Wedding and Hot in the City (always makes me think of the limo scene with Tom Hanks in Big.)

1984's Rebel Yell was a double-platinum ball of goodness for sure. But I love the songs everyone forgets: Blue Highway and Dead Next Door.

Your last option: 1986's Whiplash Smile. This album had ... ummm, okay so it's not going to be the top pick for anyone, but it's out there. (Side question: Could Whiplash Smile be the most disappointing follow-up to a hit album during the '80s?) 

Vote it the special poll below and let's put Billy where he belongs.

Best Billy Idol album of the 1980s
Which was the best Billy Idol album of the 1980s?
Don't Stop
Billy Idol
Rebel Yell
Whiplash Smile

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