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Name your guiltiest music pleasure of the '80s and win a Mixa Tape



Mixtapes Don't kid yourself. Your iPod is full of them. Hidden away in secret playlists. Maybe on an unlabeled CD you burned to play on dark days. They're the guilty pleasures of the '80s music world, and it's time to come clean.

Stuck in the '80s will do a podcast next month to name the Top 10 Guilty Pleasures in Music from the '80s. And all 10 songs will be chosen from reader submissions.

What's a guilty pleasure? Maybe it's a song that seemed great at first but quickly devolved into campy or cliche. Yello's Oh Yeah, Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine, or anything by The Outfield! Yes, it's subjective but that's half the fun.

But here's the best part. The reader who picks the song that Sean Daly and I ultimately tap as the No. 1 guilty pleasure will win a free special edition Stuck in the '80s Mixa Tape. And the nine runner-ups will get a special code to get 20 percent off the purchase price of a Mixa Tape. Not bad, eh?

You remember the Mixa Tape right? It's a 1GB USB "blank cassette" that can be filled with your favorite songs, then customized to look just like a homemade tape cassette.

So here's how it works. You can leave a comment below with your nominations. Or e-mail me at Just be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you're picked.

As for guilty pleasures, here are five I'll confess to right now:

ROCK ME AMADEUS (Falco): I will not apologize for liking any '80s song. Especially not this one. Between this, 99 Red Balloons and Hogan's Heroes, I have nearly a flawless command of the German language.

RELAX (Frankie Goes to Hollywood): I won a lip synch contest with this song back in 1985. (Even though I clearly misunderstood the lyrics at the time.) I will never disavow it. 

PARTY ALL THE TIME (Eddie Murphy): Whenever I think of this song, I picture Chainsaw and Dave dancing around in Summer School.

SHINING STAR (The Manhattans): Couple skating at Clearwater's SuperSkate back in 1980. Back when I had balance and the ability to skate backwards. And extra money to buy a Slurpee for my date.

MR. ROBOTO (Styx): I'm going to regret admitting this one, aren't I? Sorry, but Dennis DeYoung is like a shaman to me.

Go ahead and name your guilty pleasures. And then strap yourself in tight for the upcoming podcast. It's going to take some seriously cringing to get through.

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