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The never-ending attraction of Phoebe Cates



Phoebecates I know Phoebe Cates has moved on with her life since the height of her acting career in the 80s. But does that mean we have to as well? Heck no. Phoebe turns 44 years old today. And although it's been six years since her last film credit (2001's "The Anniversary Party"), we remain firmly obsessed with the vixen who one magazine once named one of America's top 10 most beautiful women.

These days, our favorite reason to watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High over and over again is operating a boutique in New York City called Blue Tree. She's' still married to actor Kevin Kline, who she met when auditioning for The Big Chill (for the part Meg Tilly won), and is mother to their two children.

Speaking of Fast Times, Phoebe reportedly remains best friends with co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh. The two appeared topless in a hot tub scene in the first rough cut of Fast Times, according to director Amy Heckerling's commentary on the DVD version of the movie. But it was ultimately trimmed out because it seemed a little too -- ta-dah! -- gratuitous. I demand a re-editing!

5. The Anniversary Party (2001): "You can't do yourself in! Kids just rob you of that option!"
4. Private School (1983): "Have you ever really done it, all the way?" (Clip)
3. Shag (1989): "You want me to go all the way up there, to a Yankee school, just so I can come over every weekend and practice 'free love' with you?"
2. Gremlins (1984): "Now I have another reason to hate Christmas."
1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982): "Did you see his cute little butt?" (Clip)

By the way, here's a trailer for "Fast Times" on YouTube. Just something to help you all get through Phoebe Cates Day.

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