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A new list to help out on: Doomed TV/movies couples of the '80s



Heathers_l The always-brilliant Entertainment Weekly has a fun list on their website: Doomed TV/movies couples we love anyway. Of course, it's heavy with contemporary picks, but there are some '80s choices as well:

J.D. and VERONICA (Christian Slater and Winona Ryder from Heathers): "From the moment J.D. offered Veronica ''greetings and salutations'' with his smug smile, we knew she was getting herself into trouble."

SID and NANCY (Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb from Sid & Nancy): "Nancy's sudden death from a knife to the belly (believed by many to be at Sid's hands) is as confusing and incomprehensible as their time together."

DAN and ALEX (Michael Douglas and Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction): "What begins as the hottest kind of extracurricular chemistry (love in an elevator!) for a married suburbanite man boils over — quite literally! — as Dan's wee daughter gets taken for a scary spin on a rollercoaster, his wife gets attacked with a knife in the bathroom, and the family bunny gets a super-hot sauna experience on an upscale stovetop."

What? Only three couples? We can do much, much better.

(Lawrence Monoson and Diane Franklin from Last American Virgin): The patron saints of doomed couples. Rule of thumb: If a movie has an awkward and sudden trip to the free clinic, it probably needs to be on this list. (That means I'm looking at you too, Jennifer Jason Leigh from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Laura Dern from Teachers.)

About last night DAN and DEBBIE (Rob Low and Demi Moore from About Last Night): Having Jim Belushi as a best friend and moral compass doesn't work out well for poor Rob Lowe. Fun fact: Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, was 8 years old when Demi did the wild thing (sans implants) with Rob in this 1986 movie.

Karate_kid_03 DANIEL and ... (Ralph Macchio and Elisabeth Shue, etc. in The Karate Kid franchise): Seriously, next to myself, does anyone have worse luck with women than Daniel-San? Every movie opens up with some chick dumping him, relocating to a new town and then getting his butt kicked. BTW, is it just me or is there zero chemistry between Macchio and Shue? 

Add your comments below with your own doomed TV/movies couples of the '80s.

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