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New 'Star Wars' sequel being written by 'Toy Story 3' scribe



john.gifTry this: "Somebody's poisoned Mos Eisley's waterhole!" How about: "To Degobah and beyond!" Doesn't have the right ring to it, does it? Better get used to that because the Hollywood Reporter says Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt has been hired to write a 40-50 page treatment for Episode VII of Star Wars.

Stop howling like a Wookiee. Did you honestly think Disney wasn't going to use one of their own for the Star Wars sequel? If you want to see Arndt's darker side of the force, then check out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when it hits theaters; he co-wrote that sequel too.

What we don't know yet is what Arndt's treatment, which is already finished, does to the Star Wars story. One thing is nearly certain though: John Ratzenberger, who appeared in 1980's Empire Strikes Back and every Toy Story installment, will be a lock to get a role in this sucker as well.

[Last modified: Thursday, November 8, 2012 6:52pm]


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