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New Year's exercise: Name the best albums of 1982



roxy_music.jpgHard to believe it, but in a few weeks, we'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of everything that we loved about the year 1982. E.T. and Rocky III in theaters. The debut of Family Ties and Square Pegs on TV. And in music, the release of Michael Jackson's Thriller, Madonna's first single and an album called American Fool by a guy named John Cougar.

We'll plan a special podcast and blog items to celebrate the best (and worst) of 1982, but how about helping out a little? I want your list of the best albums of 1982. Does Thriller necessarily take the top spot? Extra bonus if someone can argue another disc for that position.

Add your suggestions in the comments area below. Meanwhile, here are three albums from 1982 that I still own and adore.


AVALON (Roxy Music): Caught you off-guard with this one, I bet. I didn't catch on to Roxy Music until after the '80s, but the band influenced just about every single musician that we love from the '80s. It would be Roxy's final studio album and featured the single More Than This.

ASIA (Asia): I think every male in the '80s was issued this album, along with quarters to work the condom machine in the neighborhood gas station. Heat of the Moment, Only Time Will Tell. Still a classic.

RIO (Duran Duran): So good that every album DD made since then is compared with it, and usually without favorable results. And seriously, Hungry Like the Wolf should be the signature song of the decade.

Time for your suggestions.

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