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Next Hollywood movie ideas? 'Look Who's Talking' and E-Trade baby commercials



LookWhosTalking Let's get this over with fast: The 1989 John Travolta groaner Look Who's Talking is possibly Hollywood's next movie remake project. Right after they make a movie based on the E-Trade baby commercials.

There comes a time in every journalist's life when mere written words are no longer the proper ammunition. Rather a primal scream seems more appropriate. So, in the name of all humanity: "AAaaaaaaaaaaarrgh!" Rinse and repeat until the sting leaves your eyes.

"Neal Moritz (Prom Night remake, I Am Legend) is producing a Look Who’s Talking remake. Yes: The king of the talking baby movies is returning. The one that started it all, racking up nearly $300 million worldwide and spawning two sequels," writes Pajiba's Scathing Reviews for Bitchy People blog. "They’re remaking it. Making it again. Doing it over. Is there nothing sacred?"

The idea is currently being pitched to screenwriters, who should run away in terror if they even smell this dirty diaper. No director is attached (so there is a God, at least for now.) But this project is so wrong, you just KNOW it's gonna happen.

"You can never have enough perfectly sh---y movies, I guess," Pajiba says. "And now a whole new generation of parents can suffer the pain."

Etrade Oh, and we haven't forgotten about the E-Trade baby movie. The project is further along, already under the helm of 20th Century Fox.

"Actress and writer Katie Dippold (Parks and Recreation, MADtv) is penning the script. And no. I’m not kidding," our doomsaying blogger tells us. "The film is a 'mission movie,' about a group of talking babies trying to make their way across the playground."

And you wonder why I stick with watching the '80s classics.

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