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Nick Nolte is 71?!? I'd use a quote of his here but they're all unprintable



football_dallas.jpgNick Nolte is 71 @[email protected]#% years old. Sorry, but I think it's a law that you can't talk about Nolte without adding profanity. He was the master of the f-bomb (and every other bomb) back in the '80s. And I miss his glory-days work dearly.

So it's going to be a tough call on Oscar Night when Nolte goes up for Best Supporting Actor for Warrior against my all-time favorite '80s supporting actor, Max Von Sydow, in the unbelievably unwatchable flick Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I still remember the first time I saw Nolte, in 1979's North Dallas Forty (still one of the most underrated football movies -- hell, any sport movie -- of all time). Incredible how his character's career in football mirrored my own, except for that I didn't play wide receiver, never played a meaningful down except in junior varsity, never hurt any part of my body (except for skinning a knuckle pretty bad once) and didn't rely or need painkillers. Throw all that out, and it's EXACTLY the same. (In that I had contempt for the coaches and the system around me. And I too was the smartest guy in the locker room. That's a connection, right? Right?)

Most of the '80s generation grew to love Nolte first in 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy. My Stuck in the '80s podcast co-host and I like to recreate scenes from that movie, especially the one where we drive around in a convertible and I wave a gun in his face. Classic.

But don't miss him in 1987's Weeds and even 1984's Teachers. Outside the '80s, he was amazing in as the agonized coach who resorts to cheating in Blue Clips, the title character in Jefferson in Paris and ... well, I can't talk about Prince of Tides without weeping uncontrollably. ("I say these words as a prayer, as regret, as praise, I say: Lowenstein, Lowenstein.")

But there's one movie he rarely gets praise over, and it's a crime in itself. Well, it's more traffic ticket than felony, crime-wise. It's campy, but it's entertaining, it's Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

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