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Nicolas Cage wants to rest



Cage Nicolas Cage has announced that he's going to cut back on movies and pursue more personal interests, including promoting the development of independent cinema in his new home -- the Bahamas.

"I feel I've made a lot of movies already and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to, whether it's writing or other interests that I may develop," he told the media in Nassau at the third annual Bahamas International Film Festival.

Cage has appeared in more than 50 films in his career. But if he's slowing down, he's sure doing it an odd way. The International Movie Database website lists nine Cage movies in the works. Four are scheduled for release in 2007: Ghost Rider, Time to Kill, Next and National Treasure 2.

Still, you know our favorite Cage flicks are from the 80s.

Valleygirl Top 5 Nicholas Cage films:
5. Raising Arizona (1987): "I tried to stand up and fly straight, but it wasn't easy with that sumbitch Reagan in the White House. I dunno. They say he's a decent man, so maybe his advisors are confused."
4. Adaptation (2002): "You and I share the same DNA. Is there anything more lonely than that?"
3. Leaving Las Vegas (1995): "We both know that I'm a drunk. And I know you are a hooker. I hope you understand that I am a person who is totally at ease with that."
2. Moonstruck (1987): "Love don't make things nice - it ruins everything."
1. Valley Girl (1983): "That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless."

Also worth owning: Racing with the Moon, The Rock, City of Angels, Wild at Heart, Face/Off, The Family Man, Lord of War, World Trade Center.

But skip these: Fire Birds, Peggy Sue Got Married, Con Air, Snake Eyes, 8MM, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, The Weather Man, It Could Happen to You.

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