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No Giorgio! Worst musician-turned actor flicks



Giorgio With the passing of opera legend Luciano Pavarotti, what's the appropriate number of days to refrain before mentioning his 1982 flick "Yes Giorgio"?

... Time's up. (I'll go easy - I promise.) The film, which also co-starred Eddie Albert and Kathryn Harrold, featured Pavarotti as "Giorgio Fini," a pampered opera singer who loses his voice (a real stretch for Luciano, I know) and then falls in love with his throat doctor.

To confess that you've seen the movie from start to finish is akin to admitting that you once videotaped "Webster" so you could watch "Punky Brewster" live.

Like most musician-to-actor movies, it has a great soundtrack. But if you think it's the worst of that particular genre, you're sorely mistaken.

Top 10 Worst Musician-Turned-Actor Movies of the 80s:

10. Absolute Beginners (1986): David Bowie. "We don't sell things. We sell dreams."

Seekingsusan 9. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985):  Madonna. "Yeah, well, fortunately for everyone, I'm here and I'm thinking."

8. The Jazz Singer (1980): Neil Diamond. "We can hear the 'boom boom' in here, darling. It really sounds wonderful."

7. Purple Rain (1984): Prince. "That ain't Lake Minnetonka."

6. Who's That Girl? (1987): Madonna. "C'mon ... haven't you ever done anything you were proud of?"

Davidbowie 5. Labyrinth (1986): David Bowie. "It's only forever, not long at all."

4. Dune (1984): Sting. "Why are you going to prolong the inevitable? I will kill you!"

3. Hard To Hold (1984): Rick Springfield. "Will you stop harassing me? I know who you are, you're a rock person of some sort."

 2. Rhinestone (1984): Dolly Parton. "All right, we'll go to your place and you can show me your organ. But I'm warning you, it'd best be having music coming out of it."

Cantstopthemusic 1. Can't Stop the Music (1980): The Village People. "The 70s are dead and gone. The 80s are going to be something wonderfully new and different, and so am I."

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