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No livin' in the love of the common people

Squarepegs We recorded a podcast, you listened, you reacted and we got the message: We suck.

Newcoke Yes, our "One-hit wonders of 1985" episode of Stuck in the '80s might have shaken the global '80s community more than both Bush presidencies, New Coke and the cancellation of "Square Pegs" put together.

As co-host Cathy Wos says, our misdeeds may cause a whole generation of music-lovers to return to 8-track tapes. It seems people didn't take kindly to artists like a-Ha and Paul Young being included on the list. But hey, it's show business, and we'll take our lumps accordingly.

So this week's podcast -- "Our listeners fire back" -- is our attempt to make amends. Click here (or subscribe via iTunes) and be prepared to hear some truly under-appreciated music from our favorite decade.Ramen And as a special bonus, you'll hear Times pop critic Sean Daly sing an REO Speedwagon love song montage to his favorite two foods -- Ramen noodles and Velveeta cheese (together, of course).

Name that '80s tune winner: Only the mighty "Sweet Lou" Grilli of St. Petersburg knew the mysterious song clip from episode 85 -- "Who's Zoomin' Who" by Aretha Franklin. Shame on the rest of you.

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