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No more Ghostbuster 3 updates! Top 5 funniest ghost comedies of the '80s



Beetle juice
Not a day can go by without another trivial update about the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 movie. The latest: Ivan Reitman will officially direct the third movie in the Ghostbusters franchise, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Do we all REALLY care THIS much about THIS particular project? Oh sure, hopefully it will be funnier than Ghostbusters 2. It's not like likely to top the 1984 original. (Reitman directed both of those.) And hopefully, if I take a date to Ghostbusters 3, it won't end as badly as my dates for the first two movies. (In 1984, the girl said, "If I never see you again, have a nice life." That STILL stings, whatever-your-name was!!

Thus today's theory: Ghostbusters wasn't even among the best "ghost comedies" (if such a genre exists) of our beloved decade. Yeah, I'm probably wrong, and if you never want to read this blog again, well, have a nice life.


5. SCROOGED (1988): "I never liked a girl well enough to give her twelve sharp knives." Still the best Christmas movie of the decade. (Seriously, does anyone need to see A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation ever again after last season's marathons on TV?)

4. THE FRIGHTENERS (1996): "Start pulling your weight, guys or you're going back to the cemetery." Only an '80s movie in spirit, thanks to a starring role by Michael J. Fox.

3. HOUSE (1986): "Solitude's always better with somebody else around, ya know?" William "Greatest American Hero" Katt won legions of cult movie fans over with this campy flick.

2. POLTERGEIST (1982): "Don't do that, honey. You don't want to see mommy lying in a cigar box covered with licorice." Half horror movie, half comedy. And that dreaded clown!

1. BEETLE JUICE (1988): "Ah! Oo, oo, oo, oo, ah, ah, ah! Nobody says the 'B' word!" The pinnacle of Michael Keaton's career (either this or Night Shift. "Corndog!")

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