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No more Steve Perry psych-outs!



George_steve This isn't easy to admit: I'm addicted to the new TV show "Eli Stone" -- partly because I enjoy the storyline, but mainly because I figure there's always a 50-50 chance that George Michael will show up and perform a song (or the cast will sing one of his tunes).

I absolutely hated George Michael in the 80s. I didn't like Wham! I couldn't stand any of his solo tunes. Even "Careless Whisper" -- perhaps a teenage boy's single greatest weapon in seducing unsuspecting ladies -- gave me the dry heaves.

These days, I dig George. I think he's got a great voice. I enjoy the old tunes now. And I even have to tip my cap to his frequent slip-ups in his personal life because it's fodder for my blog.

Which gets me thinking: What 80s bands and musicians are we ashamed to admit we loved then or today? I want your personal picks. Here are a couple of mine:

JOURNEY and STEVE PERRY: I still remember feeling bad watching Trey Parker and Matt Stone in "Baseketball" when they mocked Perry. "Ohhhh, I shoulda been gone!" ... "No more Steve Perry psych-outs!"

TWISTED SISTER: Dee Snyder's 80s persona was embarrassing. But on the rare occasion their music hits the radio today, I turn it up proudly.

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: I remember being practically obsessed with this band back in the mid-80s. Then I realized I was the only one who felt that way. I still am trying to find a way to embrace my inner Frankie.

What 80s bands are you ashamed to admit you enjoy?

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