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Tomcruisekatiesuri If you were hoping for coverage or commentary on Saturday's Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding, look elsewhere. Because unless Tom cancels the ceremony and instead announces plans to star in a musical stage version of "All The Right Moves," I won't be saying a thing.

10 things worth discussing more than the TomKat wedding:

10. Why do 80s stars like Billy Idol and Twisted Sister insist on recording Christmas albums? It can't just be the money, can it? (Because nobody is going to buy either CD.)

Bestjoan 9. Joan Cusack has a food show on the Travel Channel. Yes, it's more entertaining than anything Rachel Ray could put out.

8. Who at the World Music Awards thought that booking Michael Jackson to perform would help boost their credibility? (Possibly the same genius behind booking Lindsay Lohan as the host.)

7. I know Duran Duran would like to find a younger generation of fans, but is hiring Justin Timberlake as producer the best way to do it? No wonder Andy Taylor quit. How long until the fans follow?

6. Slate's website tackled the question that's been plaguing ... well, nobody: Who was the best rock band of the 80s -- REM or U2? Actual answer: Neither. It was The Replacements.

Bestbloom 5. Speaking of 80s battles, which is the best comic strip of the decade: Bloom County or Calvin & Hobbes? Actual answer: Neither. It was The Far Side.

Bestadamcurry 4. Favorite MTV veejay from the 80s? Martha Quinn will always hold a special place in the heart (and pants) of every teen male during that time, but Adam Curry is the correct answer. Check out his Daily Source Code podcast. Brilliant! (Adam, I'm a folder.)

Bestjohncandy 3. Best John Candy flick? I'm going with Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which by the way is the perfect movie to watch for the Thanksgiving holidays. (Second place: Stripes.)

Bestthomas_dolby 2. Thomas Dolby is the most Internet savvy artist from the 80s. His website has a killer blog and podcast. And he's touring the States right now, so check for a show near you.

1. OK, one TomKat mention. I'm taking bets now: Will the TomKat marriage last longer than the Britney-KFed marriage? Let's just hope that when both travesties are over, all four of them disappear from the public consciousness for at least 5 years.

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