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Nothing trivial about the 80s! Except the game

Applause, applause. There's a new Trivial Pursuit boardgame on the way -- the "Totally 80s edition." Can you handle 2,400 questions about pop culture in the 80s? Sure you can, just keep reading this blog and you'll never lose.


The game even features four new player tokens -- the Trapper Keeper (ah, my favorite school notebook), Compact Disc, Care Bear, and Rubik Cube. (What, no Smurfs or jewel-encrusted gloves?)

The game, which should reach most retailers by September, is being promoted with a commercial featuring some of the biggest A-list (well, B-list) stars from the decade. Cyndi Lauder directed the shot, which included Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science), Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), Corey Feldman (Lost Boys), Charlene Tifton (Dallas) and even 80s NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Check out this photo from the commercial shoot...

OK, so now that we've whet your appetite, how about a few trivia questions to get your mind working too?

1. What was the name of ABC's show that was meant to mimic the success of NBC's Saturday Night Live?

2. In the movie "Pink Floyd's The Wall," who played "Pink"?

3. On Knight Rider, what was the name of the tractor-trailer that "Garthe Knight" drove?

4. Who died of a drug overdose two days after being selected second in the 1986 NBA Draft?

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