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'O' no, she's on satellite radio too?



The "It" person of the last 20 years -- The "O" one ... we can't bear to say her name anymore -- just inked a $55-million deal with XM Satellite Radio to create a new radio channel in her name, beginning this fall. Now people have to pay to hear more of her? Jeesh, we'd gladly pay the $12 a month to NOT hear anything more from her. Sorta like the "no-call" list that's strangling phone solicitors. What's next? Channels for demented Dr. Phil and the twits from The View?

Can't satellite radio come up with anything more interesting to pimp to prospective listeners? To be honest, I was seriously considering laying down the change to try it out for a year. But if this is their idea of quality programming, forget it.

Just out of curiosity, I checked XM's channel guide to see what 80s offerings were there. Oh my. One channel? And here's their description of the music: "Timeless music from groups like Culture Club, the Go-Gos and Styx, as well as classics from signature artists like Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and The Police." No thanks. We get that same bland stew on regular radio.

There is a "classic alternatives" channel that sounds more promising, fearturing tunes by Violent Femmes, Dead Milkmen, New Order, Ministry, XTC, The Buzzcocks and R.E.M. Still, I'm thinking an iPod and a $30 gift card to iTunes pretty much gets you any song you want from that genre.

Good luck, XM Radio. If the Queen of Daytime TV doesn't suck your coffers dry, maybe you'll stick around long enough to figure out a winning formula.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:16pm]


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