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Got a favorite novelty song from the 80s? Do you even have to ask what mine would be ...

Moon Unit Zappa's "Valley Girl" is the yin and yang of 80s pop culture. So evil that it's magnificently splendid. (And, is it just me, or is Moon Unit pretty hot?)

Stuck in the 80s is tackling the subject of novelty songs for an upcoming episode, and we want to know your favorites. (Eighties songs only, of course.)

Some more candidates:

'CAUSE I'M A BLONDE (Julie Brown): Featured in the movie "Earth Girls Are Easy." Some prefer her song "The Homecoming Queen's Gotta Gun."

(Barnes & Barnes): Sorta the gold standard for novelty songs of the decade.

PAC-MAN FEVER (Buckner & Garcia): Am I the only person out there who never got the attraction of this particular video game -- or song?

And, of course, the complete work of Weird Al. But can you narrow it to a single, best song from him?

Fire away with all your favorites, and we'll include them on the show.

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